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Evening Standard: Status Education



Extract from from Evening Standard article by Susannah Butter 13.03.2014

See full article here

As the “Status” half of DJ duo Chase & Status, Will Kennard has had a string of No 1 hits and has collaborated with the likes of Rihanna. But instead of kicking back and enjoying the perks of the job, he is turning his attention from turntables to timetables.

Over a healthy green juice in Kensington, the engaging 33-year-old is telling me about his final plans for the East London Arts and Music Academy (Elam), due to open in September. “Backstage after shows I’m talking to Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah all about it, asking them for support, and on the plane to Australia for my tour tomorrow I will be writing curriculums.”

See full article here


Testing music


EAST LONDON LINES: Get a taste of music at new ‘free school’ open day


ELAMExtract from from East London Lines article by Emma Rumney 25.10.2013

Full article here

One half of Chase & Status is inviting young people across the capital to attend taster days for a free music school opening next year.

London’s 16-19 year olds can now register to experience one day courses at East London Arts & Music (ELAM), a new college for music and digital arts founded by William Kennard (A.K.A Status) and Sir Nick Williams, head teacher of the BRIT School for a decade.

Kennard said: “We started ELAM as we realised there was so much talent out there that had potential but no direction or knowledge about the industry. We wanted to give that talent in and around East London a chance to develop and see how the music industry works.”

ELAM, which is based in Tower Hamlets and set to open in September 2014, will boast state of the art facilities and a chance to learn tricks of the trade from a team of music industry insiders – all free of charge.

‘Free schools’ such as ELAM are currently at the centre of controversy as some claim they will lower the quality of teaching by employing untrained teachers.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has also raised concerns over free schools not teaching the national curriculum.

Although ELAM focusses on music performance, business and production, Kennard assured ELL the ELAM Music Programme is “designed to provide all of the skills students would need for a career or higher study in the creative sector.

“ELAM leavers will be able to apply for a very broad range of jobs and degrees, including music”, he said and students will, “develop their employability skills through studies of literacy, numeracy, business and enterprise.”

Along with a BTEC in music technology, students on the programme will also gain, depending upon their ability, either GCSE, level 3, or A-Level English and maths qualifications along with a business level 3 diploma.

The ELAM music programme will additionally provide: “professional mentoring, work experience and projects designed by leading experts”, Kennard said.

The college is partnered with some of the biggest names in the creative industry and endorsed by SBTV’s Jamal Edwards, Plan B and BBC Radio 1‘s Mistajam, who praises the school for delivering: “real industry standards to kids that deserve it.”

ELAM will be offering 72 places for it’s first year in 2014. Candidates selection will be based on application forms and an assessment day, where young people will have to demonstrate evidence of ELAM’s values: excellence, collaboration, innovation, integrity and drive, along with a passion for music.

Interested teenagers can attend one of the free taster courses running on October 29, 30 or 31 in Stratford.


NME: Chase and Status to offer free taster sessions for London free school


2012ChaseAndStatusBritAwardsPA210212Extract from from NME article 25.10.2013

Full article here

Chase and Status are offering free taster sessions for their London arts and music school, which will open in September 2014.

Based in east London, the East London Arts & Music (ELAM) school will teach pupils aged between 16-19 courses on the music business, performance and production. It will also teach students Maths and English.

Will Kennard, otherwise know as Status, will offer the series of free taster sessions in next week’s half term from on October 29, 30 and 31. Anyone in London interested of taking part can register here.

“We started Elam as we realised there was so much talent out there that had potential but no direction or knowledge about the industry,” Kennard said in a statement released to NME. “We wanted to give that talent in and around east London a chance to develop and see actually how the music industry works.”

ELAM is set up under the government’s free schools programme. The programme was a flagship Tory education policy that allowed parents, teachers, charities of private firms to run state-schools free from local authority control. It’s being backed by the Brit School – which counts Adele and Amy Winehouse among its roll call of ex-pupils.

Plan B, Mistajam and SBTV’s Jamal Edwards are also involved.


Big Issue: Chase & Status’ Will Kennard: Why I’m opening a free school



Extract from Big Issue editorial by Will Kennard 17.02.2014

Full article here

Will Kennard, one half of chart monsters Chase & Status, is one of the biggest stars in British music and a leading light of the global electronic dance movement. However, far from chit-chatting with Rihanna at a champagne drenched pool-party, Will (pictured left, with bandmate Saul Milton) is devoting his time and money to opening a Free School in east London.

As Michael Gove hogs headlines with his various education opinions, Will is a man properly worth listening to. As a Big Issue guest columnist, he explains why this is so important – and how meeting the parents of prospective students was just as daunting as headlining Glastonbury.

“I am concerned that many of our talented young people are falling through the gaps. I am concerned that our current schooling system isn’t doing enough to ensure this talent is properly nurtured. I am concerned that unless you come from a particular demographic (predominantly middle class), your opportunities and access to the professional world are greatly diminished through no fault of your own.

As one half of Chase and Status I am fortunate to have realised my dreams. Early on, I figured out my path. I benefitted greatly from a supportive parent and private education. With hard work, determination and support I can say I am proud of my achievements as a musician.

These students had personal problems I couldn’t imagine having to deal withWhile cutting my teeth in the music industry I got a job teaching music technology in Manchester. I worked closely with young people from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds in the city. As a young and fairly naïve teacher it was a quick reality check. These students had personal problems I couldn’t imagine having to deal with.

They also had talent. Raw, uninhibited talent. One of my students recited every song in the current UK top 40 on a piano, yet he couldn’t tell me what a C major was. I saw incredible passion and creativity everywhere. Not just as performers – but engineers and entrepreneurs.

After leaving Manchester to pursue my own growing career I was disheartened to see that none of my students were able to realise their potential the same way I did. Why not? What was the difference?

I want to see more done to make sure that this talent isn’t wasted. The British creative sector has just
overtaken the financial sector in terms of workforce. To remain at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape there is a need for a new generation of talented young people. They deserve the best
possible opportunities to access higher education and employment.

I firmly believe that, as well as innovative pedagogy and a progressive educational attitude, the industry itself holds the key to unlocking these opportunities. That is why I am working with a range of organisations from the creative sectors to set up East London Arts and Music – The Industry Academy (ELAM). We are a free school due to open in September in east London.

Our aim is to provide 16- to 19-year-olds with a world-class education in music. A trainee of ELAM will cover all aspects of music: performance, technology and business. The Level Three BTEC we offer sits inside a broader programme that delivers qualifications in maths, English and enterprise alongside work placements, mentoring and classical musical grading.

ELAM also places a strong focus on the development of the right personal skills that so often are overlooked.

Time and time again I speak with young people who have become disillusionedTime and time again I speak with young people who have become disillusioned after spending two years in
vocational education and who feel unprepared for transition into the real world. I strongly believe that
this focus on personal development, combined with meaningful interactions with leading professionals and a cutting-edge curriculum, can bridge this gap.

My decision to start a free school has led me to some incredible people and some grounding experiences. The day after headlining Glastonbury last year, I was in a community centre in east London speaking with parents of prospective students.

I honestly could not tell you which one I found more intimidating. It continues to be one of the most challenging things I’ve done. Our application to the Department for Education took two years to complete followed by a series of rigorous interviews. The process has been demanding. And rightfully so.

We have a chance to set up a school from scratch. To develop an educational plan and environment of learning that challenges the status quo.

For me this can only be a healthy thing. Young people are the beating heart of our creative industry. So let’s ensure the opportunities currently available for some are available for all.”



Corey Fox-Fardell


Ex-Brit school student Corey get’s it spot on with loop-pedals on his new track The Fox and its Prey… http://www.coreyfoxfardell.co.uk/


ELAM Taster Day | New video lands



ELAM launch night – Bethnal Green


0c43be0ELAM took over Oxford House in Bethnal Green for the night to officially launch it’s bid to become The Industry Academy in the heart of East London.

Performances came from Kano, Eazy Artist, Godwill and Young & Talented.

Speakers included Plan B, Geoff Taylor and ELAM co-founder Will Kennard.




  • Course Location: ELAM Academy – Tower Hamlets

    Ages: 16 – 19 years

    Overall Qualification Level: 3

    Programme length: 2 years (begins September 2014)

    Study mode: Full time ¦ Monday-Friday ¦ 09:00 – 15:30 (17:00 extended day)

    Qualifications contained in Programme:

    BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology.

    Trinity Performance grades 1 – 8

    English & Maths GCSE / Intermediate Level 3 Qualification / A-Level (dependent on previous grades)

    OCR Enterprise Certificate

    Fees: None (not available to International Students)


What you will do

  • The Music Programme will build all of the skills that you would need for starting out in the music industry. It will also give you access to powerful networks of professionals and it will reward your hard work with respected qualifications.

    Throughout the Programme will learn to:

    - Push new boundaries with your work;
    - Improve yourself by connecting with others;
    - Take an honest approach and make good daily decisions;
    - Show drive and determination in order to hit your goals;
    - Produce outstanding work that is considered industry-standard.

    You will spend around half of your time at ELAM working on real-life music projects designed by top professionals from the industry. These professionals will also come into ELAM and work with you to develop the way that you approach and complete your work.

    Projects will be structured around Music Business, Performance and Production, and will cover a range of contemporary music styles.

    Music Business project example
    Releasing a piece of your own music by planning and executing an effective digital marketing campaign.

    Music Performance project example
    Preparation and delivery of a solo music performance at an ELAM live show.

    Music Production project example
    Recording and mastering audio from an ELAM live show to an industry standard.

    As part of this half of the Music Programme you will also learn keys (piano) alongside another instrument of your choice.

    Personal Skills
    You will spend the other half of your time at ELAM developing the other skills that you would need in a career in music, or at university. Being able to read and write effectively is a must for any person entering the music industry, as is being confident with numbers and how they are used in business. You will develop both skills as part of the Music Programme.

    Another must for those starting out in the music industry is having more general business confidence, and the ability to be enterprising. You will develop this as part of the Music Programme and showcase it on work placements within the industry’s leading organisations. You will also be given a successful professional to be your personal mentor and they will be on hand to guide you through dilemmas and decisions whilst you are at ELAM.





    Year One: Foundation Year

    Expertise Strand
    Music Projects (covering all of Business, Performance and Production)
    Instrument tuition (including keys)

    Person Strand
    Literacy & Numeracy
    Enterprise Projects
    Trainee Time
    Transition (inc. work placements)
    Professional Mentor

    Year Two: Pathways

    Expertise Strand
    Music Projects (specialising in one of Business, Performance or Production)
    Instrument tuition (including keys in Performance and Production specialism)

    Person Strand
    Literacy & Numeracy
    Enterprise Projects
    Trainee Time
    Transition (inc. work placements)
    Professional Mentor


After the programme

  • Completing the Music Programme will see you graduate from ELAM as an ELAM Associate. You will then be able to move into a job where you can use the skills developed on the Music Programme, or onto a degree course at university.

    Job examples
    Publishing assistant
    Sound assistant apprenticeship
    Events administrator

    University examples
    Music Industry Management – London Metropolitan University
    Public Relations and Media BA – Queen Mary University
    Creative Music Production and Business Foundation Degree – Community Music


Entry Requirements

  • Musical ability

    ELAM is looking for you to be passionate and talented in music.
    A musical talent does not just mean that you play an instrument. Your talent might be in finding new artists and promoting them. You may be a talented instrumentalist, vocalist or DJ. Or your talent may be in recording and producing your own music or of other artists.
    If you have a particular interest in any aspect of music or the music industry then the ELAM Music Programme will be able to develop you to your potential.

    Academic ability

    ELAM does not have set grade boundaries for applying and will assess each applicant to the Music Programme on a case-by-case basis.
    If you are made an offer to the Music Programme, ELAM will set you personalised GCSE grade targets that you will need to hit.
    All applicants to the Music Programme will need to pass a reading and writing test.

    Personal skills

    Within your application form and at the ELAM assessment day you will need to show that you have the following personal skills:
    Collaboration – You can build relationships and work with others.
    Excellence – You can complete work to a high standard.
    Innovation – You are adventurous and creative when working.
    Integrity – You are open, honest and respectful.
    Drive – You are proactive and take opportunities.


How to Apply

  • Click the APPLY tab to the left for an ELAM application form and more details about the application process.

    Successful applicats will be invited to an Interview & Assessment Day – these begin in January 2014 and will take place at weekends/school holidays.




01.01.14 : Jamal Edwards gives the ELAM students an intro into life at SBTV and being a music entrepeneur. 03.01.14 : Universal Records CEO David Joseph pledges £1,000,000 to ELAM foundation course


29.10.13 First Taster Course held


ELAM held its first Taster Course for young people keen to attend the Academy in September 2014. The Taster Course gives attendees a chance to experience the three strands of the Music Programme. Performance was covered with X Factor vocal coach Lloyd Wade, Production with ELAM Founder, Will Kennard of Chase & Status and Business with the head of MTA Records, Sophie Hall.


22.05.13 ELAM approved to open in September 2014


A music school for deprived teenagers in east London and two schools for autistic children are among the latest free schools in England to be approved…

Find the full article on the BBC




See what happened when the SB:TV crew came down to the ELAM launch night.


12.12.12 ELAM Launch Night


ELAM held its launch night at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. The night was a chance to showcase what life at ELAM would be like for future Trainees. As well as talks from Plan B, Geoff Taylor (CEO of the BPI) and ELAM Founders there were performances from local singing group The Real Deal along with a track put together for the evening by Eazy Artist, Godwill, Will Kennard and NOFA.

See what happened here


05.11.12 Article: Top Selling DJ Will Kennard proposes new Free School…


from EAST LONDON LINES, November 5th 2012
Find the full article at East London Lines
One half of chart-topping duo Chase and Status has put forward plans to open a free school in Tower Hamlets.